• MFG: The Officials Choice, Inc.
  • ProbSky Blue - PEBBLE KNIT - PRO SKY- MLB Replica_4 Short Sleeve Umpire Shirt -The Official's Choice, Inc._MLB_4_1

    - PEBBLE KNIT - Pro SKY Blue - - MLB Replica - Short Sleeve Ump Shirt by The Official's Choice, Inc._MLB_4_1
    • Sized for BASES, make sure to up size for PLATE.
    • Black side and sleeve piping.
    • Pro Sky Blue buttons.
    • XXL, XXXL
    • SuperCool Wicking Fabric. At just 8.75 ounces it is the lightest weight shirt on the market.
    • Left Front Pocket.
    • Manufactured by The Official's Choice, Inc.

    Price $37.50

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