• MFG: The Officials Choice, Inc.
  • - - Black/White PLAIN Model _Ultra_TEK -V-Neck by The Official's Choice, Inc_2018
    * * NO SIDE PANEL * * This is the PLAIN MODEL * *

    Short Sleeve -PLAIN MODEL- Ultra_TEK - Black/White Basketball V-Neck Referee Shirt by The Official's Choice, Inc_2018

    • Order now because next product arrival date is December 2018
    • PLAIN Model - NO BLACK Side Panel
    • **NO SIDE PANEL** - This Is The Plain Model Short Sleeve
    • IT'S BACK 'The BEST Referee Shirt On The Market' -NEW & Improved- ULTRA_TEK SS V-Neck by The Official's Choice, Inc_2018-
    • Again in 2017-2018 this will be VOTED the BEST referee shirt on the market
    • L, XL, XXL, XXXL
    • Manufactured by The Official's Choice, Inc.
    • If your looking for the comfort of 'The SILK LOOK' with VERY SMALL -un-seeable- HOLES to make it breathe, with its soft comfortable fit then this shirt is for you.
    • ULTRA breathable wicking material.
    • Re-Inforced NYLON loop for those who prefer hook lanyard.

    List $27.50 ... Price From $20.00 to $25.00

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